Following their individual but collectively shared passion for wood turning, Glenn Ploeckelmann, Adam Bugan, Gene Tyner, Charlie Mount and Carroll Robins had often discussed the need for a north Tampa chapter of the American Woodturners Association (AAW).  In July of 1998 their combined efforts lead to the formation of the newest chapter of the AAW which they named the Tri-County Woodturners.  Their first meeting was held around a picnic table on the back porch of Glenn's home. The core mission of the Tri-County Woodturners and the AAW is to promote the continuing education of its members in the art of wood turning.  Not surprisingly the club was almost an instant success and quickly outgrew the back porch of Glenn's home.  The club moved to the Nye Park Recreation Center in 1998 and finally to it’s current location at the Lutz Community Center.

Each president has brought a unique perspective to the position that has allowed the club to prosper beyond anything that founding members could have envisioned.  As a result of the increasing membership the treasury continued to grow and allowed the club to purchase a Oneway 1018 lathe, 3520 Powermatic, 2 television sets along with video equipment.

2022  Officers:President - Jeff Langsner
Vice President - Jim Henderson
Secretary - Rick Donaldson

Treasurer - Ron Bodnar 

Safety Chair - Jeff Langsner

Past Presidents:
1998 Glenn Ploeckelmann                  
1999 Glenn Ploeckelmann
2000 George Dinsmore                    
2001 George Dinsmore
2002 Les Bauer                          
2003 Jerry Dukes
2004 Ed Casaceli                         
2005 Jim Smith
2006 Roy Thornton
2007 Dennis Perez
2008 Dennis Perez
2009 Pat Hess
2010 Rudy Lopez
2011 Rudy Lopez
2012 Tim Gates
2013 Judy Francisco
2014 Dave Jolliffe

2015 Dave Jolliffe

2016 Art Worth

2017 Art Worth
2018 Art Worth

2019 Wayne Wiggins

2020 Cathy Rodgers

2021 Jim Henderson 
2022 Jim Henderson